inspiring the practice

Join us in a celebration of the teachers of the practice and the studios that hold us. A celebration of those who inspire. Over the next few months, join us in getting to know some of them, who they are, their story, their inspirations, and just why it is that we love them so much.

New York City

through hope.

Jet with us to New York and meet Neeti Narula, yoga & meditation guide:

“If a decade ago you had asked me what inspires me to practice yoga, I don’t know if I could’ve told you much more than “it makes me feel a little bit better.”

I was in my early 20’s, grieving the loss of my 27 year old brother, and trying my best to continue along on the ambitious finance career path I’d set out on after graduating from college.

Looking back now, after thousands of hours of teacher training and yoga study, what inspires my practice is much more apparent to me – I’m
practicing for life.”

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flow with neeti

Neeti is going LIVE on @mandukayoga, Thursday, February 23 (time tbd)!

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New York City

through breath.

Stay with us in New York and meet MODO YOGA NYC, hot yoga studio:

“Modo Yoga NYC seeks to inspire positive change; one breath, one practice, and one person at a time. We are a socially and environmentally conscious hot yoga studio that offers safe, progressive, accessible classes so you can feel at ease to explore. We are a community of growers, thinkers and change-makers with industry-leading teachers who see you and your practice as a whole being. We guide, support and commit to your unique practice journey so you can lead an inspired life.”

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Studio Front Desk
Yoga in studio

Reno, NV

through rebirth.

You know that teacher who has a special place in your heart, who’s deeply impacted your life by the way they’ve guided you through your practice?

If you know, you know.

For us, that’s Anne Spinner — a teacher to us at Manduka for many years.

Her story is the next in our ongoing series featuring those who Inspire the Practice.

It’s one close to home, one close to our hearts.

“In late 2021 I fell ill. I was about to embark on the greatest lesson in life. After endless tests it was discovered I was sick with Endo-carditis, a bacterial infection that affects your heart. The news was devastating. On March 31st, 2022, I underwent open heart surgery to replace my Aortic Valve.

My hours in the hospital were filled with quiet

It was really a time to meditate, back to the beginning of my journey. I had the support of my loved ones around me, which I am forever grateful for. But without all the countless hours of my yoga training and studies,practices, and teachings I may not have made it through

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