What is the Difference Between the Manduka PRO® and eKO® Yoga Mats?

The difference between a Manduka PRO mat and an eKO mat are the materials from which they’re made. The PRO is made from PVC (with a lifetime guarantee) and the eKO is made from all natural tree rubber. The difference between the PROlite and eKOlite are the same, except each mat is less thick and lighter weight.

Our PRO® Series  has been known as the Taj Mahal of yoga mats for 10+ years. Backed by a Lifetime Guarantee , the closed-cell construction provides dense support while the performance surface allows optimal movement between poses. Designed to last a lifetime (or two), Manduka PRO series yoga mats curb the amount of PVC that enters landfills each year and reduces overall mat consumption.

The eKO® Series , made of all natural non-Amazon harvested tree rubber, is the next generation of eco-friendly yoga mats. Developed over four years of research, the sealed-cell surface provides a stable practice with wet-grip. We are proud to say that Manduka’s eKO mat is manufactured without any toxic glues or foaming agents and is more durable than other natural rubber mats found in the marketplace.

Wondering why we keep mentioning cells? A closed-cell or sealed-cell surface means your mat will not absorb sweat and moisture, where other mats might. If you sweat regularly in your practice, consider pairing any of our mats with a yoga towel  to keep your mat dry, and your practice in place. 


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