Large Yoga Mats



Large Yoga Mats & Long Yoga Mats

For taller yogis, or those just desiring more space for their practice, a long yoga mat may be the right choice for you. As you move from standing, to seated, to reclined poses, a large yoga mat gives you more room to move around without hanging off of either end of the mat.

Manduka's PROlite® mat has a "long" option, offering 8 additional inches of practice space compared to the standard mat length. Although a long yoga mat will weigh more than its standard-length equivalent, the PROlite long yoga mat is only 0.6 pounds heavier than the standard, making it just as portable. 

Another option to gain more space in your practice is a round yoga mat. This type of yoga mat offers more surface area than a rectangular mat. This style of large yoga mat provides a shorter diameter of 59", compared to the standard length of 71" and standard width of 24". Additionally, the Equa® Eko® round yoga mat features aesthetically pleasing designs, and many practitioners leave this mat out full time in their practice space. However, if you do need to transport this large yoga mat, it can easily be folded and rolled up as well.

In general, a long yoga mat or large yoga mat serves those participating in more active or diverse practices, like practitioners who use their mats for other fitness activities or for those partaking in more restorative practices that necessitate many reclined poses. In addition, a long yoga mat serves those who are tall and often find themselves off the mat during reclined poses. Those practicing outdoors may also find benefit in a large yoga mat or long yoga mat, so as to better keep themselves off the ground during all poses.